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Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components for your forced air system. Our process uses a vacuum truck. From that truck, suction is produced that our operators hook up to your existing duct system. All of the debris that is inside of your duct system is taken outside of your home to our truck.


We do not use a portable devise that is brought into your home to produce this suction. This process allows us the ability to have more suction than portable equipment. Our air-compressor is mounted directly onto the truck, so that we can produce tremendous amounts of air. We use 200 lbs of compressed air, internally, in your duct system. We are moving approximately ten times the amount of air backwards through your duct system, as your blower moves through it normally.

Once the operator has gained access to the duct system, we start the cleaning process. Air-propelled devises are inserted into the duct work, breaking the dirt and debris loose, and is all taken outside to the truck. We are cleaning everything through the furnace, through the the blower compartment, through the heat exchanger, and across the a-coil in this process.

Duct Sanitizer

After we complete the cleaning process, we have a duct sanitizer that may be applied to the entire duct system. This sanitizer is a FDA and EPA registered product for duct sanitization. It has been tested and proven effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, eliminates odors, and leaves no toxic chemical residue or odor in the duct system.

We have gained an extensive background in the heating and air-conditioning field prior to starting our air duct cleaning business. This knowledge and understanding of how the heating and cooling system works, grants us the ability to do a better job cleaning the duct system properly. This background also gives us the capability of identifying potential problems that you could have within the duct system in your home or office.

This is a typical floor joist return which is very difficult to clean unless you have a tremendous amount of suction and compressed air which can only be obtained by truck mounted equipment. That is why we use a vacuum truck and not a portable unit that is brought into your home.

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